Comma Chaos, and Vote YES For Tarts

comma chaos and yes to tarts

Comma chaos! This example is from one of my favourite sources. Could the writers be messing with our heads? No, I don’t think so. They just have no idea how to write a list.

What would Warren Buffett do?, nursing homes face spot checks, are you losing your senses?, how your iPhone could save your life, we ask older Australians if they support SSM and Lucy’s Lime Tart

This one’s a ’trifecta’:

      • Commas after question marks (just wrong – twice)
      • A comma (after ‘life’) that appears to link two totally unrelated ideas
      • A missing Oxford comma (needed after ‘SSM’).

We won’t even talk about checking those ‘face spots’ in the nursing homes. Are they losing their senses?

Fixing the commas won’t save this one; an iPhone certainly won’t.

What’s needed is a series of dividers (dots or dashes).

What would Warren Buffett do? • Nursing homes face spot checks • Are you losing your senses? • How your iPhone could save your life • We ask older Australians if they support SSM • Lucy’s Lime Tart

Probably four out of every five newsletters they send begin with mistakes like these.

I should unsubscribe, but I just can’t resist reading them.

All I can say is: Speak out for Lucy’s Lime Tart, all you older Australians!

Want more comma chaos?

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