Books For Sale(s)

Do you want to attract quality, potential clients to your website?
Are you keen to show them, in detail, how your expertise can benefit them?
Have you come up with an idea for a book you could sell in your market niche?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then why not have a professional writer create an e-book  that you can offer to potential or existing clients?

Everyone loves a free sample

You are an expert in your field. You can show your clients your expertise, rather than simply tell them about it. It’s the best type of advertisement. A free book will be a useful resource for your clients, and a ‘try before you buy’ sample of the value you can offer.

It’s a great ‘point of difference’ and a cost-effective way to put your message where it will count most – in the hands of interested potential clients.

A solution for selling your solutions

Are your knowledge, skills and experience ideal material for a ‘how-to’ book? Lots of experts in various fields produce books for sale. The avenues available for self-publishing make it easier than ever before. Your valuable solutions can be offered in book form – and can create an extra income stream for you.

There is a stumbling block, though.

Not everyone is a writer

When you need work done around the house, you bring in the specialists. Writing is no different.

You are very skilled in your own field but that doesnt automatically make you the best person to write about it.

There’s plenty of poorly written material around because so many people try D.I.Y. writing.

You don’t have to be an expert at everything. When you are ready to make your book a reality, call in the professionals.

That’s where we come in

You might already have an idea for a book – either to give away as a sample or to sell online.

That’s where we can help. We will start with material from your notes, and from your website, and your ‘dot point’ answers to our list of questions. Then, with instructions from you about the highlights of your message, we get to work. Two or three phone calls, to check on direction and details, and we’re ready to go.

You can choose from a range of options – in terms of length, format and style. We can also give you advice about the next steps to take, when the book looks the way you want it.

If you’ve already made a start, and need some help with editing and shaping your text, we can work with you to produce a final, polished version.

We also work with clients on smaller projects.

Perhaps you want a fact sheet to give away to potential clients.  Maybe you are planning to send out a regular newsletter to promote your services.

Contact us for more information. We can talk about how to put your message out there.

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