Comma Chaos, and Vote YES For Tarts: Woolly Words #4

Here is the latest from my favourite source of comma-based hilarity. Could they be messing with our heads? No, I don’t think so. They just have no idea.

This one’s a ‘daily double’: commas after question marks (just wrong), and a missing Oxford comma (needed after ‘SSM’).

What would Warren Buffett do?, nursing homes face spot checks, are you losing your senses?, how your iPhone could save your life, we ask older Australians if they support SSM and Lucy’s Lime Tart

We won’t even talk about checking those spotty faces in the nursing homes.

Here’s a bonus, from the following day:

Is Ken Wyatt kidding himself?, time to endorse assisted dying, do you need health insurance extras?, how to counteract forgetfulness, Relationship Rescue with Jo Lamble and Stuffed Sweet Potato

Same old, same old! I would pick it apart, but I need to go out and stock up on sweet potato. I suppose Jo’s theory is that if you stuff that, you won’t ‘stuff up’ your relationship.

I’ve shared these unintentionally funny email headers in previous posts. Truth is, four out of every five are like this.

I should unsubscribe, but I just can’t resist reading them.

All I can say is: Speak out for Lucy’s Lime Tart, all you older Australians! And get into that sweet potato before it’s too late.

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