Back in the ‘Old’ Days … the 1990s!

“History” is getting more and more recent!

Now, already, there’s a museum for e-book readers (the non-human kind).

Although there were various prototypes (the ‘Memex’ in 1945, and the DynaBook in 1968), the first e-book reader (Incipit) was produced in 1992, by two Italian postgraduate students. They put it together as part of their doctoral project, but never released it into the general market. In the same year, Sony produced its Bookman, and the rest is history.

Now the Labo de l’Edition (the ‘Publishing Lab’) is setting up the very first Museum of Digital Reading, in Paris’ 5th Arrondissement. It’s calling for historic hardware – basically anything before 2015!
Makes you feel old, really.

If you’re visiting Paris …

Labo de l’Edition
2, rue Saint Médard, 75005 Paris

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