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Public speaking can be a challenge. That’s probably an understatement. Many people say it’s the single most terrifying thing they ever have to do. Having an idea of the basics will definitely help. If you are set to do a ‘live’ speech or presentation before an audience, getting ready for an interview, or planning to make a video – there are three basic…


  Pumpkin soup is definitely something we need to watch out for!  Remember, you’ve been warned… A newsletter, which I receive reasonably regularly, previewed its feature articles in the email header, and was considerate enough to put women, in particular, on the alert. Former MPs in High Court allowances bid, how Centrelink assesses eBay sales,…


                    I enjoy receiving my Word of the Day from Dictionary.com, but I was a little disappointed when I saw this entry: Definitions for putsch 1. a plotted revolt or attempt to overthrow a government, especially one that depends on suddenness and speed.   Now I’m guessing that a government ‘that…


It’s difficult to get through even one day’s reading without having to struggle through the tangled mess of woolly words – a real dog’s blanket of poor grammar and lazy language use. Amateurs can be forgiven for occasional mistakes in the written work they have to do. For many people, writing is not their primary function; the…